Alejandro Granado
Alejandro Granado

CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program Helps 400,000 Needy Americans

Alejandro Granado

CITGO President and CEO Alejandro Granado and Citizens Energy Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy II launched the seventh consecutive year of the CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program this week in New Jersey.
The CITGO-Venezuela  program will provide heating oil to more than 400,000 people this year in 25 U.S. states, including residents of over 250 homeless shelters, members of over 60 Native American tribes, families living in tenant-owned cooperatives and thousands of single-family households.
 “Over the years, the program has become the most important energy assistance program by an oil company,” said Mayor Dana Redd of Camden, NJ.
“CITGO is very proud to mark the seventh anniversary of our Heating Oil Program. Increasing energy costs continue to affect the quality of life for millions of people…We believe it is our obligation to use the strength of our resources to help alleviate the burden for those struggling to pay for home heating costs,” said CITGO President and CEO Alejandro Granado.
This year’s program was launched with a delivery of fuel to the Camden, N.J., row-house of a grandmother living on a limited income. Arlene Grier, who raised three children in her home on Merrimac Road, thanked Granado and Kennedy after they made a delivery of free heating oil to her home.
 “This helps a lot,” said Grier. “Prices are going up but not my income, so I’m always having to decide between paying for food, heat, electricity, gas, or my mortgage. I wish other oil companies were as generous.”
 CITGO partners with Citizens Energy Corporation, a nonprofit created by former U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II, to implement the program.