Sherlock Holmes II – better, stronger, funnier!


Jamie Foxx

He has costarred with Jamie Foxx (Due Date), Terrence Howard (Iron Man I) and Don Cheadle (Iron Man II) and now, Robert Downey, Jr. brings his A-game to the sequel, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” the action-packed romp that gets better the second time around.  Downey returns as the ever beguiling London detective and inventor –with an arsenal of new surprises and clever witted phrases– set within a visually stunning film directed by Guy Ritchie with musical score from Hans Zimmer.  Costars Jude Law (as Dr. Watson) and Rachel McAdams (as Irene Adler) are back again along with new characters Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris) as Sherlock’s arch nemesis. The plot thickens with the addition of Sim (Swedish actor Noomi Rapace), the mysterious Gypsy who gives the bad guy a real go for it.   


During a press conference to discuss Sherlock Holmes II, Downey had this to say.

The sequel is stronger than the original—

Robert Downey, Jr: Well, after the first one worked out pretty good we later talked about things that we would like to improve, other directions we could go –blah, blah, blah– and then there is the reality of doing it. Anybody who has ever been involved in making the second part to a first that worked, there should be a whole online support team for this. And we have been through it. We continued to speak about it, over lunch and so forth because there is so much to learn [about the characters].  Again, I think the greatest disguise was us disguising ourselves as consummate –by the number of professionals– when in fact; we are all kind of incredibly eccentric.  Warner Bros gave us the opportunity to try to do something that is complicated.  And, the great thing, we had the time to do it.

Terrence Howard


The dialogue between Holmes and Watson seems sharper –

Downey: I think the goal is to make a well written scene seem like it’s improvised and to come up with things that you find in the room that you couldn’t know until you get into the real situation and try to improve things as you go along.

The intensity between Holmes and Moriarty heightens the plot –

Downey: The stakes were so high in every scene; then there were the complicated camera shots and stuff like that.  It was pretty terrifying.  It was shock and awe. Honestly, I think what he (Jared) brought to it (the film) was something that is so particularly him and the essence of his character.  It is the main reason that the movie works but it was also an exercise in trial by fire, like the German aria that Jared had to learn overnight.

Do you feel a sense of ownership toward your character? –

Downey: I’m intrigued by it and I think it’s important that we’re all a part of the same collective of honoring this great writer and his stories.