Support Casa Vincentia Shelter for Young Pregnant Women

By Lenora

Casa Vincentia, a home for homeless pregnant women ages 18-25, is in need of financial donations to maintain this shelter for desperate women and their unborn child.
Some argue the right to life but little talk about how that translates into a formula for everyday life. Right to life and a right to homelessness can be one in the same for these young women. What about the young woman who chooses life over abortion? The young women at Casa Vincentia choose to have their babies, where they learn:  “Being pregnant is not an illness, it is a temporary condition.”
Casa Vincentia is a former convent for nuns attached to Saint Cyril’s School, now known as Millsmont Academy School. Sister Maureen Webb established the shelter 25 years ago, designed to offer an alternative to women so they would not have to choose abortion or homelessness.
 Barbara Jackson has been Executive Director for the past 17 years. Despite many change, the mission has remained the same. Casa Vincentia offers the women a nurturing, loving and caring environment. Their motto is: “Welfare is a stepping stone not a resting place.”
Young women are expected to continue their education, job training or seek employment. The women enter the shelter at anytime during their pregnancy and remain approximately 2-8 months after the birth of their child. This shelter promotes healthy pregnancies and babies. Casa has a successful history of healthy births.
Supporters are asking corporations, churches, businesses and individuals to make a tax-deductible donation in any amount to help Casa Vincentia to continue it essential services to help homeless pregnant women. They are also seeking people who are willing to volunteer their professional skills.
There is no greater gift than the gift of giving. Send gifts to Casa Vincentia, 3210 62nd Ave., Oakland 94605. For information call shelter Director Barbara Jackson at (510) 729-0316 or email