Lake Merritt United Methodist Receives Grant for Food Pantry

KTC Foundation is providing a grant to Lake Merritt United Methodist Church in Oakland to purchase shelving, carts, containers and a bar code system for the church’s food pantry.
The project, which started as a soup kitchen, has grown into a community program that 1,600 individuals rely on each month to meet their food needs.  The bar code system in particular will allow the church to register clients who regularly use the pantry and subsequently provide a system to track the growing needs of the community.
“Lake Merritt (United Methodist) is located in an area where approximately 21 percent of residents earn incomes below the poverty level and another 9 percent earn incomes that are 50 percent below the poverty level,” said Ginny Clunan, program coordinator for KTC.
“We know that our donation will provide the fuel Lake Merritt needs to continue making an impact in the fight against hunger in Alameda County.”
In addition to serving the community, the food pantry also assists Alameda County families through a partnership with a La Escuelita, a local elementary school. For the past 10 years, the church has provided 30 bags of food each week for the school to distribute to students whose families are in greatest need.
KTC Foundation is funded by DaVita, Inc. – a provider of kidney cares services – and its CEO Kent Thiry and his wife, Denise O’Leary. KTC donates money to non-profit groups to fund projects that leave a lasting impression on the community.