Nursing Assistants Are Heart of Personalized Care

By David

Oakland’s Skilled Nursing Facilities (Nursing Homes) continue to play a crucial role in the delivery of local healthcare services.  
In fact, those over the age of 70 have a good chance of experiencing a nursing home firsthand. But their stay is likely to be a short one.  The rehabilitation and nursing care helps most patients get back on their feet and into the community within 30 days.  
Oftentimes, the difference between a dreadful stay in a nursing home and a wonderful stay depends on an employee who does not immediately come to mind – the certified nursing assistant (C.N.A.).
During a visit to a nursing facility, pay attention to the C.N.As. These caregivers deliver the majority of hands-on care in skilled nursing facilities.  Most are masters at their skilled trade.
 Compassionate and strong, the very best deliver “person-centered care.”  They tune in to the daily pleasures of the elders they serve.  And as a result, they just do not only give care, they give life.
Windsor of Oakland is a skilled nursing facility that practices consistent assignment C.N.As.
  That means each one of the elder patients is primarily served by three C.N.A.s five days a week, 24 hours per day.  
These three C.N.A.’s are consistently relieved on their days off by three other C.N.A.s.  This staffing model allows these six C.N.A.s to really get to know the individual patients. Staffing in this way facilitates compassionate, individualized care. Loved   ones and family members of elders in skilled nursing facilities can also help to promote person-centered care.  They can bring in photographs and educate the C.N.A.s about their patient’s life before entering the nursing home.  
Taking the time to tell them about a patient’s loved ones life will provide the C.N.A.s with a deeper perspective leading to more respectful care.  Also, the C.N.A.s really appreciate when visitors notice and compliment them for their efforts.
Windsor Healthcare Center of Oakland is located at 2919 Fruitvale Ave.  For information call 510) 261-8564.
David Farrell, MSW, is a  Regional Director of Operations for Windsor Healthcare Center of Oakland.