Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Installs Pastor Kamal Hassan

Reverend Kamal Hassan and his wife Makini Hassan.

Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church, which has served the Richmond community for 40 years, will install Reverend Kamal Hassan as Pastor and Teaching Elder on Sunday, Jan. 22, at 3 p.m. in the church sanctuary located at 2621 Shane Drive.  Members of Presbyterian churches throughout the Bay Area will participate in the service.
Rev. Hassan has served as the Designated Pastor of Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church since 2008 and looks forward to the opportunity to make a positive impact on the community. “I strongly feel that God called me to ministry for a time such as this, ” he said, adding that he believes the church, “must be involved in the lives of the people and community where it is located, and it must be engaged in the social, political, economic, and cultural lives of people in a way that reveals God’s will for all humanity.”
 Sojourner Truth Church held its first worship service in 1972 at Fairmede Elementary School in the Hilltop community of Richmond.  The church is named after Sojourner Truth, a strong and exceptional Black woman who refused to separate faith from action, believed in the salvation of the soul and fought for the freedom of all God’s people.
 “The church must be engaged in efforts to mend the tear in our social fabric that has caused so many of us to focus solely on our individual needs and ignore the sufferings of others, ” said Rev. Hassan.
 Although Sojourner Truth is his first call as a Presbyterian pastor, Rev. Hassan has more than 20 years of experience as a religious worker and more than 10 years as an ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a preacher and Christian educator whose message is rooted in the African American prophetic tradition.
He is also a community organizer who has worked for decades in low-wealth communities of color for social justice. Under his leadership Sojourner Truth has produced  its first website and now has 10,000 Twitter followers, a vibrant Bible study, a revitalized prayer ministry, and has increased its profile in the community by hosting many events.
Rev. Hassan received his AA degree in radio broadcasting from Los Angeles City College, his BA in history from California State University Los Angeles, and a Master of Divinity degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary.
 He is married to Makini Hassan, executive director of the Marin City Housing Development Corporations (MCCDC), where she leads employment and training programs, affordable housing initiatives and small business development.
 Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church holds regular services  on Sundays at 11 a.m.  They have many ministries and programs. For information visit