Open House Looks at Bay View Construction Projects

By Carla

Rafael Bolon, Bridge Program Manager, (Samtrans) Caltrain; Supervisor Malia Cohen and San Francisco County Transportation Authority Deptuy Director for Planning Tilly Chang hosted an open house at Bay View Opera House.

A Transportation Projects Open House was held recently at the historic Bay View Opera house for community members to provide input and learn about opportunities at some potential construction projects in the neighborhood.
At the April 21 meeting, managers discussed the possible replacement or closure of Quint Street Bridge, a conceptual design of a Quint-Jerrold Connector Road and the results of a Caltrain Oakdale Avenue Station Ridership Study.
The meeting was hosted by San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Caltrain, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and Supervisor Malia Cohen.
The Caltrain Station at Oakdale Avenue is intended to support economic development in the Bay View and improve transit access to Peninsula job centers and create a new pedestrian access.
The $50-million project would be funded by Prop K Transportation Sales Tax and other local, regional and federal funds.  The ridership study will be presented to the Transportation Authority Board for approval in June.
Supervisor Cohen said it was an important step to hold the event at the opera house in the heart of the community.
“We’re planning what transportation modes will be available over the next 20 years,” she said. “I want the community to know what’s going on and understand the access options available.  There’s opportunities for contractors to bid on and the community can provide input for what will make an impact on their own neighborhood.”
The Quint Street Bridge replacement project includes three options; replacing the bridge with a berm that closes Quint street at a cost of $20 million; replacing at a cost of $25 million but precluding the Oakdale station; or replacing with a bridge that allows for future station platforms at a cost of $35 million, $10 million beyond the currently allocated budget.
The Quint-Jerrold Connector Road would cost $5-8 million, including  $5 million from Caltrain.   A new road would connect the southern portion of Quint Street with Jerrold Avenue along the west side of the Caltrain tracks.
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