LifeLong Medical Care Wins $1.1 Million Grant

LifeLong Medical Care in Berkley recently won a $1.1 million grant under the Affordable Care Act to support an innovative program to reduce the need for emergency room and hospital visits for more than 3,200 seniors and other low-income adults with disabilities.

The three-year grant will support clients who receive Medi-Cal, Medicare or both.

LifeLong won the grant in a nationwide competition overseen by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The grants are intended to spur innovation and improve quality in the delivery of healthcare, while lowering costs.

LifeLong will train adults with disabilities to support adoption of healthy behaviors among their peers and to encourage self-management, with support from a team of nurse care managers.

LifeLong will partner with Berkeley’s Center for Independent Living and the Alameda Alliance for Health to achieve project goals. Improved care and better health for these high-risk patients is expected to save about $1 million.