Two Men Sentenced for Selling Pirated CDs

State Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced this week that two Los Angeles residents have each been sentenced to 300 days in county jail and three years probation for selling counterfeit CDs containing popular music.

Juan Lucas Camacho, 39, and Jose Pablo Almaraz, 38, each pled guilty to one felony count of failure to disclose the origin of a recording that they offered for sale.

Camacho had been convicted in 2008 for a similar crime. They were sentenced on May 21 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

“Copyright theft like this infringes upon the rights of writers, musicians, and producers,” said Harris.

“California’s eCrime Unit is dedicated to prosecuting cases involving the trafficking of intellectual property, whether online or on the street.”

The charges are based on the sale of 800 counterfeit CDs to undercover Department of Justice agents on April 17 in the parking lot of a Los Angeles Home Depot store for $480, or approximately $.60 per CD.

Camacho claimed the ability to fabricate 80,000 to 100,000 CDs per week and that 800 CDs was too small of a sale to repeat.

In April, the defendants were arrested and charged with five felony counts, including conspiracy and counterfeit of a registered trademark.

Upon admitting guilt, the remaining counts were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Camacho was given credit for 36 days already served, and Almaraz for 19 days served.