Judge Henderson Could Fine Quan for Not Completing Police Investigations

Judge Thelton Henderson

Mayor Jean Quan and the City of Oakland may face fines if they continue to miss deadlines to complete police internal affairs investigations  of complaints stemming from  the Occupy Oakland protests.

The judge overseeing police department reforms agreed to the city’s plan for completing dozens of overdue investigations but warned in a court order Monday that not only might he fine the city for missed deadlines, he also might choose to fine the mayor.

U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson had previously ordered Oakland to specify the deadlines for finishing Occupy-related Internal Affairs investigations and the names of police administrators responsible for meeting the deadlines.

If the investigations aren’t completed within a year, state law prevents any legal actions from being taken.

Henderson approved the city’s plan, but warned that a court-appointed monitor “shall consider whether other individuals in the line of authority, up to and including Mayor Jean Quan, should also be held liable for any missed deadlines.”