Oakland COGIC Convocation “Retools for the Future”

By Paul Cobb


Bishop W.W. Hamilton

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., Presiding Bishop of the more than 6-million-member Church of God in Christ (COGIC), came to Oakland’s Marriott Hotel, 1001 Broadway,  Wednesday to encourage the Northern California congregations to “Retool for the Future” and to reach out to remain relevant for the needs of youth, the communities and their membership.

Bishop W.W. Hamilton the Jurisdictional Prelate and Secretary to the General Board invited Blake and more than 25,000 congregants from around the Bay Area to attend workshops, attend convocations and to share new skills and approaches to improve their missionary and auxiliary work.

“We learned how to prepare for disasters, emergencies and other tragedies as well as how women entrepreneurs could mentor youth to become businesspersons,” said Emma Clark, a conference headquarters support staff.

Bishop Hamilton, who pastors the Greater Victory Chapel in Seaside, told the other pastors, bishops and congregants at the 55th Annual Holy Convocation that “It is time to rework our scorecards to fit the end game that the Lord will be measuring at the Bema –the judgment seat of Christ.”

He said COGIC should not just “measure success by bodies, budgets, attendance, buildings and offering plate totals. The scorecard should also stress the deeper emphasis on accountability, discipleship and spiritual maturity.”

Marvin L. Winans, founder and pastor of Detroit’s Perfecting Church, was the lead speaker at Monday’s Musical night.

Women’s Day will be observed Friday with Bishop Hamilton hosting a breakfast. Dr. Mary M. Welch, Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women, will present worship services featuring Missy K. Burrell, Upper Room COGIC; Missy D. Herron, Greater McGlothen Memorial COGIC; and Elder P. Parker, Olive Grove COGIC.

Nathaniel A. Bullock, Sr., administrative assistant and pastor of the Greater White Rose, COGIC, in Stockton, is Saturday’s keynote speaker.

Bishop Hamilton will cap off Sunday’s closing services with ordinations of ministers.

For information visit www.ca-northwest.org or www.cogic.org. and/or clarkemmaj@aol.com.