Pre-Kindergarten Class Writes Children’s Tale

By Godfrey Lee


Top photo: Illustration for Front Cover. Bottom photo from left to right: Katleen Santos, Kobe Vicente, Marcelles Jackson, Ziggy Stennett, Abraham Fdaouch, Julie Rodas, Anthony Santos, Kimberly De Leon, Kaylee Terraza, Ezequiel Rodrigues, Mahealani Bernes (Co-site Supervisor and Head Teacher in Room 1), Harmony Harris, Sarai Cook, Jayla Hall, Annica Harris, Rashell Diaz, Essie Hardy (Co-site Supervisor and Head Teacher in Room 3), Angel Pereira, Joshua Rodas, Octavien Green, Angel Lugo. (Photo by Godfrey Lee).

The Marin Learning Center’s has just published “The Princess, a Cheetah and the Lollipop Door,” a book written and illustrated by students in the school’s pre-kindergarten class.

For teacher Mahealani Bernes class, this will be the fourth book she has done with her class in the past five years.

The book, which will be sold to raise money for the school, costs $25.

Though Bernes helped the students develop the story and the illustrations, the book is a product of the creativity and imagination of the children.

The children touched upon some of the issues that affect them, such what should you do when you are lonely or when you meet people who others consider ugly.

The books tell the story of a lonely princess who lives by herself in a large castle in Marin City. She wants to be bigger and a teenager and is worried that she will not be able to grow.

The princess befriends a dragon that has fallen in the moat of her castle, discarded by a little girl who thought he was too ugly. The dragon said that nobody ever treated him so nicely.

The princess and the dragon became friends. In the morning when the princess wakes up, the dragon had died.

But then some friends came to replace a broken door with a lollipop door, which then helped the princess fulfill her wishes and helped  her neighbor the Cheetah obtain color spots.

As the story ends, the princess finally opened up her castle for all her friends and neighbors to live with her. And they lived happily ever after.

The Marin Learning Center is located at 100 Phillips Drive in Marin City. For information or to obtain the book, “The Princess, a Cheetah and the Lollipop Door,” call the school at (415) 339-2834.