Warriors Donate Technology Room to “College Track” After School Center

Celebrating the opening of the College Track technology room are ( L to R) Warrior Girl Lisa, Warrior Legend and Community Ambassador Alvin Attles, Warriors General Manager Bob Myers, College Track Student Chardonnay Collins, College Track Student Isaiah Berry, College Track VP of Programming Jeannie Johnson, College Track Oakland Site Director Shria Tomlinson, College Track Oakland Student Life Director Gurpreet Takher, College Track, College Track Chief of Staff Linh Huynh, College Track VP of Development Sean Sullivan, Warrior Girl Danielle.

The Golden State Warriors have donated a new technology room to College Track, a national after-school program that helps students from underserved communities go to college.
The Warriors on Aug. 13 officially donated the lab to College Track, which is located at 117 Broadway in Oakland.
The computer lab will allow students to access technology to improve their ability to complete homework, essays, papers and learn how to conduct online research, engage in online learning and tutoring and learn to use software and programming skills to help better their chances at college success and graduation, according to the organization’s staff.
The Warriors  donated 10 new computers for the lab and 15 others that will be given to students who do not have computers at home.
“Everything wonderful that’s happened to me has come through College Track, and with this gift I know it will be the same for the future classes and students, too,” said College Track student Chardonnay Collins, speaking at the opening.
“With this gift the Golden State Warriors demonstrated their shared values with College Track … to level the technological divide that is as wide as the achievement gap in urban cities where we serve,” said Gurpreet Takher, Student Life Director at College Track
Founded in 1997, College Track has grown each year. Currently, with a staff of 45 and an operational budget of over $9,000,000, the organization supports close to 1,000 high school and 400 college students at centers in East Palo Alto, Oakland, San Francisco, New Orleans, Aurora, Colorado and Los Angeles, with plans for annual expansion.
To reach College Track call (510) 835-1770 or go online to www.collegetrack.org