BAPAC Announces Endorsements

Lloyd Madden, president of Contra Costa County BAPAC.

Congress: George Miller

US Senator: Dianne Feinstein

City Council: Gary Bell

BART Board: Maria Alegria






City Council: Nat Bates

By Kia

In what is widely viewed as a pivotal national, statewide and local election, the Black American Political Action Committee (BAPAC) is announcing its endorsements and voter-assistance for anyone needing help getting to the polls.
“Our message is that we need to encourage our country to move forward by re-electing President Barack Obama, but it doesn’t stop there,” said Lloyd Madden, president of Contra Costa County BAPAC.
“It is important that individuals vote for state and local measures and candidates, too, not just in the presidential contest, because these contests will directly impact our community, the kinds of schools we provide, the cost of living for our families and the direction of our local government,”

Madden said.
When you vote by mail or on Nov. 6, BAPAC recommends:President: Barack Obama; Measure N beverage tax: No; Richmond City Council:  Nat Bates, Gary Bell, Bea Roberson; US Senator: Dianne Feinstein;
Congress: George Miller; BART Board: Maria Alegria; WCCUSD Board of Education: Robert Stoddiford and Randall Enos; Measure A for Contra Costa College: Yes; Measure E for better school facilities: Yes; Measure G for better school funding: Yes.
For a ride to the polls or for information, call (510) 307-5580.