Celebration of Hyers Sisters at MoAD

Hyers Sisters

Susheel Bibbs

Filmmaker Susheel Bibbs will introduce the history making Hyers Sisters to San Francisco audiences in “An Offering in Word and Song:  The Hyers Sisters – Voices for Freedom,” at 2 p.m. on Nov. 4 at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco.
In 1871 Anna and Emma Hyers of Sacramento became the first African-American women to win nationwide acclaim as operatic touring artists.
Later they became the first to hire African American leading players in landmark musicals told from the African American perspective, the first to create an African-American musical, and the first to integrate casting on the mainstream American music-theater stage.
“Amazing,” said Dr. Bibbs, “ and they did it all in a time of intense oppression and ridicule of Black people.”
In this program Bibbs, who is also an award-winning soprano and author, will tell the Hyers’ story based on her own research and enhanced by musical selections on video, visuals, and her own performance of spirituals in the traditional style.
“The Hyers’ story has a message for today, and I’m honored to make it known,” said Bibbs.
The Museum of the African Diaspora is located at 685 Mission St. in San Francisco Attendance is included in the price of museum admission: $10 general, $5 seniors and students.
For information go to www.mepleasant.com