Reinstated Mirkarimi Registers Prisoners to Vote

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

Back on the job, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has begun registering prisoners to vote.
According to the Sheriff’s Department, it has already registered about 400 inmates as of last Friday.
The Sheriff’s Department Prisoner Legal Services program and the Department of Elections have made San Francisco number one in voter registration in the state, registering thousands of inmates in the last five elections, according to Mirkarimi.
“We are committed to breaking down the barriers to anyone who wants to exercise their right to vote,” he said in a statement. “We believe that facilitating a person’s right to vote engenders a sense of responsibility and inclusion.”
Last Monday was his first full day on the job following a 10-month battle to remain sheriff in the wake of a domestic abuse case.
However, some of Mirkarimi’s opponents are considering a recall, though Mayor Ed Lee has refused to take a position on the possibility of such a campaign.
“I’m not going to comment on recall,” he said. That’s a political thing. People want to talk about it, they can talk about it. I have to run city government.”