Resident Council Meeting Challenges Residents

Top row from left: Isaiah Wallace, Ed Griffin, Lewis Jordan. Second row: Marianne Lim, June Miyake, Marcella Brown, Daesean, Bernadette Stuart. Bottom photo: AWRC barbeque luncheon at the 200 Lot in Marin City (Photos by Godfrey Lee)

By Godfrey Lee

The Agency Wide Resident Council  (AWRC) gave a barbeque luncheon for the community on Tuesday, Oct. 16 to celebrate the grand opening of council’s new office in Marin City.
The office space, located at 263 Drake Ave., is next to the Phoenix Project and will serve the Golden Gate Village Committee and public housing in Marin City.
Long-time community representative and AWRC Vice President Isaiah Wallace launched the Golden Gate Village Committee and requested office space from Marin Housing Authority. He strongly felt his neighborhood committee needed an office for people to meet, express their ideas, speak out about their concerns and create positive change.
“This can give a voice to AWRC. We can all get together and fight to make Marin City a better, safer, and more beautiful community,” said Wallace during the luncheon.
Elections are also being held for AWRC officers, including the positions of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and community outreach coordinator.
Ed Griffin, interim executive director of Marin Housing Authority (MHA), encouraged everyone to take ownership of the community. “A few months back, we had a couple of shootings down here that were extremely scary for the individuals inside the units. It probably not the only time there are shootings – there is crime in every neighborhood. But this is your neighborhood,” he said.
“We can be mentors and can take the lead with young people and know what is going on,” said Griffin. “We need to develop the community to where we want it to be in terms of job opportunities. All of those things require all of us to be on board.”
He also urged families and mentors to control youth who become involved in violence and drug use. “You do everything you can to stop them,” Griffin said.
Lewis Jordan, new executive director of MHA, introduced himself to the audience and asked what the community can do to help young people find jobs.
“Not just temporary jobs but ones that are sustainable, can pay enough to take care of their family and can make the young men really feel like men,” he said.
“This can help them push away all of the bad alternatives out there, those things that are not right. Not all of our young people are doing those things. But there should be a greater commitment from the community to make sure opportunities are available for young people,” said Jordan.