They did it again! The Giants Win the World Series

By: Malaika Bobino

Detroit, MI – It’s been an incredible year.  The San Francisco Giants are once again the World Series Champions.  This is the second time the team has won the pennant in three years.  They swept the Detroit Tigers 4-3 for the win.

A completely disappointing performance by the Tigers who could not muster one win in the series.  Going into extra innings in the final game, it became a desperate situation for both teams.

“I think when you look at this club, the terms ‘teamwork’, ‘team play’, ‘play as a team’ used loosely, but these guys truly did,” said manager Bruce Bochy.  “They set aside their own agenda and asked what’s best for the club.”

Again, with their backs against the wall, San Francisco prevailed.  Going into the tenth tied 3-3, pinch-hitter Ryan Theriot who has contributed every time he has come to bat, did not disappoint.

Theriot leadoff the inning with with a single to right field.  Brandon Crawford out on a sacrifice bunt moved Ryan to second.  Angel Pagan, struck swinging which brought Marco Scutaro to the plate with two outs.

“What Scutaro did all season for us was unbelievable,” pitcher Matt Cain said.  “But really, I don’t think a lot of guys saw what Theriot did on the bench for us.  As a teammate, in the clubhouse, he was such a tremendous asset for us.  That’s not easy, to play every day and then go to not playing at all.”

Ryan singled on a line drive to center field to score Theriot.  Pablo Sandoval reached first on a fielder’s choice,  but Marco was out at third to end the frame.  This was Detroit’s only chance for a win and to avoid a sweep.

That opportunity never came, closer Sergio Romo struck out the side to begin the celebration.  Miguel Cabrera, the Triple Crown winner and top American League Most Valuable player candidate hit a two-run homer in the third inning.  But in the end, he struck out swinging.

“They played better baseball when it counted, that’s what it’s about,” said pitcher Justin Verlander.  “We were playing great baseball up until this point and just couldn’t really sustain it for these last four games.  Not to say that we didn’t give a heck of an effort.”

Unlike the 2010 World Champs, this 2012 team was different in many ways.  As described by Bochy and players who were on both the 2010 and 2012 rosters.  This years team was a more serious group compared to the frat boys two years ago.

The additions of NCLS MVP Marco Scutaro, Hunter Pence and Angel Pagan proved worthy in the end.  The Tigers fell flat against a team that had faced ups and downs throughout the season.  The Giants never doubted themselves and always believed this was their time to shine.

They head home for the city of San Francisco to honor them with a parade that will bring millions out from all over the Bay Area.