Youth Rocks the Rebuild for Performing Stars

First row, from left: The Marin School for the Arts, The Marin City Zydeco Boys – Daesan, Kevin, Oceil, Evan, Marsean and Nicholas. Second row: Ali MacMillian, Matt Jaffe (guitar), Sema Serifsoy-diFalco, Rose Paradise. Third Row: Will Kepler (guitar), John Strand (drums), Darren Miyawaki (sax), Sean McGee (bass), Angelina Quezada (vocal), Sabrina Saunders (keyboard), Marita Prodger (vocal), Ryan (beat box) and Raymon (guitar). Fourth row: The Spotted Botanists: Max Mercier (guitar), Zak Langford-Do (guitar), Kai Langford-Do (drums), Adam Hilario (bass), Chloe (piano), Chase McDonald (guitar), Talita Stiles (vocal). Fifth row: Olivia Fischer Smith (Keyboard), Matty Michna (guitar), West Houser (drums), Brian Whitelaw-McDonald (bass), Devon Lawrence (vocal and keyboard), Matt Jaffee and the Distractions. Bottom row: Felecia Gaston and Miller Klitsner standing outside Sweetwater, and with the Square Three Design Studio displaying plans for redesigning the Performing Stars studio, Youth Rock Rebuilds! logo. (Photos by Godfrey Lee).

Youth Rocks the Rebuild, an organization of young adult musicians, performed a concert benefit at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley last Sunday, April 21, to help redesign the Performing Stars of Marin’s dance studio.
The Marin City Zydeco Boys – Daesan, Kevin, Oceil, Evan, Marsean and Nicholas – performed at the beginning of the concert to an enthusiastic audience.
Miller Klitsner, who produced the concert, a junior at Urban High School of San Francisco, plays the bass  and is musical director for a youth band.
He raised funds for Performing Stars of Marin when he was 12. He has chosen to return to Performing Stars and has taken on the project of re-designing the practice room and building safe storage for the instruments.
Klitsner is collaborating with Architecture for Humanity who will help with the design.
Youth Rock the Rebuild has been playing concerts in local communities to help raise awareness of various causes since 2010. Based in the Bay Area, the group has raised money to help charitable organizations all over the country, including the Bezos Foundation, the Windhorse Foundation, Architecture for Humanity  and Kiddo.
In January 2010, 40 youth musicians from Youth Rock held a benefit for earthquake victims in Haiti. Musicians played in the streets of downtown Mill Valley and on stage of the Masonic auditorium to a sold out crowd.
The theme of the concert was “Save Lives,” and over $11,000 was raised for Doctors Without Borders.
The benefit was the first time on stage for several of these musicians. It was also a way for the other musicians to share their passion to serve the community.
The musicians saw the power of performance first hand and learned that they could make a meaningful contribution.
The second concert was held May 30 in the plaza of downtown Mill Valley, to support the efforts of Architecture for Humanity to rebuild schools in Haiti. Fifteen groups of young performers played as street musicians around town, and another 12 bands played in the plaza.
In 2012, Youth Rock the Rebuild had an ambitious schedule of concerts and service. An overflow crowd enjoyed a concert at Sweetwater in February, and an exceptional group of musicians supported the Windhorse Foundation at the Mill Valley Plaza in May.
The Sweetwater Concert for World Peace Day on Sept. 21 was sold out.
Overall, nearly 100 musicians have played in Youth Rock the Rebuild concerts, and together have raised over $45,000 for schools, shelter and medical assistance.