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Preacher’s Kid, Teen Mother, Thanks Parents for Helping Her Graduate from UC Berkeley

McClymonds Alum  wants high school boys and girls to not give up or drop out

By Ashley

Graduating from UC Berkeley as a single parent at 23 was not easy, and as a young mother, I knew what odds were against me.
I knew I wasn’t expected to finish high school and continue to college. It wasn’t expected for me to keep striving towards my goal and become a college graduate.
Knowing this motivated me to achieve my dreams. It proved to be a struggle to balance life as a parent and an aspiring student, but my family support made the difference.
As I finished high school, my grandmother watched my daughter, which helped me focus on my academics, giving me time to adjust to being a mother. I maintained a 3.5 GPA at McClymonds High School and was in the top of my class.
My parents guided me as I made tough parental decisions in raising my daughter. They let me know I was not alone in facing the challenges of being a teen parent. I am also thankful for their love and support as they pushed me to greater heights and encouraged me to pursue my dreams.
The support did not stop there. I received a lot of support in applying for scholarships. And, through the help of my counselors and teachers, I was able to apply to several colleges. To my amazement, I was accepted to attend 10 colleges and I received several scholarship offers. My first choice was the University of California at Berkeley.
Graduating from college as a young mother may seem like quite an accomplishment, but it is just the beginning for me. I am now applying to graduate schools this fall, pursuing a career in journalism. I know that education is vital but most of all, I know that the loving support of family and friends is critical to motivate one to achieve. As I continue my own education, I will use whatever communication skills I attain to encourage those of my generation both boys and girls, to take advantage of school while you can.