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By Brian Beveridge
and Duane Witt

A group of Oakland high school students met with Dr. Washington Burns, Director of Prescott-Joseph Center in West Oakland’s Prescott neighborhood, to tour the “Breathmobile”, a specially outfitted Winnebago motor coach. The students were participants in the Students in Technical Education program at the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project. They are studying the effects of energy production on air pollution. The program is funded by a grant from thet and other private grant sources. Bay Area Air Quality Management Distric
The Breathmobile is used to help diagnose and treat children who may have Asthma.  Dr. Burns said, “At least 20 percent of the children living in West Oakland suffer from Asthma.”
Dr. Burns explained the underlying causes of Asthma while detailing the various tests and procedures available at the Breathmobile to help young patients.  The Breathmobile has a doctor, a  social worker, a nurse and a respiratory therapist. The information taken from the computerized Pulmonary Function Tests is entered into a computerized digital database so the Prescott-Joseph Center staff can do follow-up work with the Asthma patients. Read more

$50,000 to Combat Asthma

Supervisor Wilma Chan announced last week that Alameda County will be committing an additional $100,000 to Asthma Start in an effort to reduce the harmful impact of asthma. Currently, Alameda County has the second highest rate of asthma and the third highest rates of asthma prevalence and hospitalizations in California. San Leandro ranks third and San Lorenzo ranks fourth overall for asthma related emergency room visits in Alameda County.  Hospitalizations due to asthma, particularly for children under five years old, are well above the county average for both these communities. $50,000 of the additional resources will be directed to Asthma Start services in San Lorenzo and San Leandro. Read more