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U.S. Supreme Court Orders Release of 46,000 Inmates

Sandre Swanson

The Nutritional Assistance for Families Act, which provides critical food services to individuals released from prison for certain non-violent felonies, passed the Assembly this past week and now moves to the Senate. The bill is significant in light of yesterday’s landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision requiring the California Department of Corrections to release 46,000 prisoners within the next two years.
“Nearly 46,000 prisoners will soon be released into our communities,” explained author Assembly member Sandré R. Swanson Chair of the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee. “Whether you are happy with this or not, the fact is that the state is about to absorb a huge population of ex-felons and we must be realistic about how to support them and their families as they attempt to transition back into society. If a person’s most critical needs are not met when they re-enter society after serving time in prison, they won’t have the tools necessary for a successful and safe return. Without basic support, such as food, many of them will return to criminal activity and drug use instead of gainful employment and sobriety.”
“I understand being hard on crime. I stand behind stricter penalties and fines for criminals. However, once a person has successfully served his sentence, he should have tools available to successfully reintegrate.”
“The recidivism rate in California is at a shocking 70 percent – the highest in the nation. Californians want to see their hard-earned tax dollars support education and job creation, not to house a prisoner at a cost of $50,000 each year,” said Assemblymember Swanson. Read more