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Post Writer Receives Recognition, Credits Bailey

Tanya Dennis

By Chanelle Bell

Tanya  Dennis, a featured columnist with The Post received an award at the NNPA convention in Chicago last month.
The award was in recognition of her story featured in The Post. Tanya has been writing for The Post for the last 5 years and credits her intriguing writing style to the late Chauncey Bailey who was the editor at The Post before being mercilessly killed a block away from The Post’s offices, “Chauncey was my mentor. He taught me how to write for a paper which was a different style than I had been accustomed to. I have to give him his credit.”
Tanya is an Oakland native and has been a teacher for 35 years. She has taught in both Oakland and Berkeley school districts and has a real yearning for knowledge and a passion for teaching. She has two successful adult children, a daughter who owns her own sourcing company and a son who does marketing for a music company.  The Post congratulates Tanya for her achievement.

Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial Begins

The Chauncey Bailey murder trial finally began more than three years after he was gunned down in downtown Oakland, August 2, 2007, while walking to work to meet with Post publisher Paul Cobb.
With the permission of Oakland Tribune Editor, Martin Reynolds, The Post News Group will present weekly summaries and excerpts from the daily trial reports of the Chauncey Bailey Project and the Oakland Tribune.
Errol Zachery, a courtroom artist, and former co-worker with Chauncey Bailey at the Tribune, is offering his drawings of the court proceedings with the Post, Tribune and KTVU Channel 2 and other media outlets. He lives in Oakland, sells subscriptions for the Tribune and worked with Reynolds, Bailey and Cobb at the Tribune. He also started  working with the Oakland Post  in the 70’s. He , Cobb and Bailey lived downtown near the Tribune and the Post and often walked to work and around the Lake Merritt area.
“I had to do this out of respect for my friend Chauncey, he always promoted and respected me. I was planning to illustrate his children’s book project.”
Zachery has sketched the accused killers, jurors, judge, attorneys  and trial proceedings.
Zachery, also drew sketches during the high-profile, would-be President Ford assassin Lynette Alice “Squeaky” Fromme.
The Trial Begins
The jurors heard how confessed shooter, Devaughndre Broussard,  carried a short-barreled pistol grip shotgun, a 12-gauge Mossberg. Broussard told the grand jury that he fired a shot into Bailey’s right shoulder and another into his lower abdomen. He said he ran, but returned, remembering his orders to make sure Bailey was dead.
Broussard now claims Yusuf Bey IV, ordered him to kill Bailey.
Beys IV, along with the driver Antoine Mackey, are on trial for murder.
Bey IV, the former leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery, and Mackey, both 25, have pleaded not guilty to the charges and face life sentences without parole if convicted.
Broussard, now 24, is expected to testify in the case as part of a plea deal. Broussard has pleaded guilty to two counts of voluntary manslaughter in the case and will receive a 25-year sentence in exchange for his testimony. Read more

Chauncey Bailey Mural at Hayward High

The Cooley Family

By Carla

Hayward High School recognized one of their greatest graduates last week on a rainy evening and unveiled a beautiful mural in honor of slain Oakland Post Editor-in-Chief, Chauncey Bailey from the class of 1967.
“The rain is Chauncey’s tears of joy,” said Chauncey’s nephew, filmmaker Amin Cooley of Los Angeles.  “Chauncey was courageous, passionate and didn’t give up.  He was very dedicated and stood for the little people and he made others hear their voice.”
Chauncey’s brother Errol Cooley, a retired fireman of Lincoln, California reminisced in the school’s library as he turned the black and white pages of the school year book.  “It feels good to be here and it brings back a lot of good memories.  This library is significant because this is where Chauncey developed his skills,” Errol stated as he pointed to his picture sporting a full afro.  “It’s an honor that people are doing this for our family and that enough people loved him enough to paint a mural of him.  His legacy is continuing and it shows here at the high school.”
Errol credits his brother for teaching him to draw and leading a fun neighborhood football team.  “Because of Chauncey, I was able to do pen and ink artwork, oils and acrylics and when he was around he always made everything more exciting and always left you with something to think about.”
Errols’ wife Altha and son Jamil were also proud of the event.  “My uncle always encouraged me to work hard and follow my passion and he stood for greatness.   His life’s work and experiences are invaluable to the new generation.   “This a special day for the family and the mural is beautiful,” said Altha Cooley.
Hayward High Library Supervisor Sheryle Gray, English Teacher Connie Miller, Lillian Litzsey and DaBora Lovitt of BWOPA-Hayward along with Jamil Holmes, President of the Black Student Union, worked on the mural project for three years.  “Having the family here means a lot, we did this for the family,” said Litzsey.  “Chauncey was a great man and his life is an inspiration to me,” said Holmes.  “It’s great when the students have an idea that allows them to partner with the community,” said Hayward High School Principal George Bullis.  “I’m proud they are able to see the fruits of their labor.”
Artist Ricardo Lazo of Kri8tiv N8tivz said, “I’m speechless to be a part of this and it’s an honor to paint the story of such a great person.”
Amin Cooley continued, “Our family misses Chauncey, we love him and are very happy that his death didn’t go in vain.  People really care.”
Unable to attend, Mark Cooley via telephone expressed his thoughts in a speech given to his brother and says, “This is wonderful and my sister Lorilei (of Atlanta) and I are grateful for this honor.”   Chauncey Bailey made an indelible mark in the world of journalism for over 4 decades prior to his death August 2, 2007.  The trial for the murderers of Chauncey Bailey will begin this month in Oakland.

Dellums Expands Bailey Probe

By Post Staff

Mayor Ron Dellums has called for an expanded, in-depth investigation into the Police Department’s handling of the investigation of Chauncey Bailey’s assassination.

Dellums said “I’ve asked the attorney general to engage with us in a parallel investigation going forward. I asked Judge Henry Ramsey to act as a master in that process, he has agreed to that.”

When the Oakland Tribune revealed that Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey could still be alive if the Police had not changed their plans to raid the Your Black Muslim Bakery, it caused a storm of concern from the Mayor, City officials and faith-based leaders.

They have called on Attorney General Jerry Brown to expand his investigation of the Police Department(OPD) Administration.

“Everything should be on the table in this investigation,” said Dellums. Read more

Faith leaders sound off on Bailey Assassination

pdphotos-d-019.JPGBy Dion Evans,
The Baptist Post

It has now been over a year since Journalist Chauncey Bailey of the Oakland Post was gunned down on the streets of Oakland. His memory is still alive, but for many in political power and or in the police department – they would rather hope this assassination just “goes way” like the other unsolved murders in the streets of Oakland.

Mayor Ron Dellums seems to know something that he is not letting the rest of the community know – so he has requested an independent outside investigation be conducted. Is this too much for the Mayor to ask? Doesn’t the community care about justice? I sat down with some East Bay Clergy to gather their take on Mayor Dellums’ request. I contacted over 50 faith-based clergy in the city of Oakland to comment on the Mayor’s petition – many, unsure of what to say or because of their own personal fear – support the Mayor in silence. Here are some brave soldiers for Christ who care more about justice for Chauncey Bailey and his family than they care about the politics that may cut funding to their faith-based organization.

If you would like to comment on the Mayor’s request for an independent investigation into the murder of Chauncey Bailey – send your comments to pastord@alldifferent.org (50 words or less). Read more

Police Admit Wrongdoing In The Killing of Bailey

By Post Staff

Last week, the Oakland Police finally admitted they had botched the investigation into the murder of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey.Deputy Chief Jeff Israel said “We definitely made a mistake,” when he referred to an account of a witness who had reported hearing Yusuf Bey IV gloating over Bailey’s death just hours after the killing. This revelation, which was recently given to the District Attorney, was acknowledged by Deputy Chief Howard Jordan.

Jordan had given misleading and inaccurate statements to 60 minutes when he claimed the police learned of Bey IV’s Bakery connection to Bailey’s killing from the Post’s publisher. Read more

New piece of Bailey slaying puzzle surfaces

Jaxon Van Derbeken,
San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chaunceyin blue suit.jpgBakery leader Yusuf Bey IV summoned the woman to watch a TV news story about three hours after Bailey, 57, was gunned down on his way to work on Aug. 2, 2007, she told homicide investigators.

As they watched the report on the Oakland Post editor’s slaying, Bey told her, “That will teach ‘em to f- with me,” she said.The woman worked at the bakery headquarters on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland and stayed in Bey’s room there the night before Bailey was killed, she said. The Chronicle obtained a tape of her account and police notes of her interview, but is not naming her at the request of authorities who say her safety could be threatened.

The woman’s statement came to the attention of the Alameda County district attorney only within the past two months, authorities said – mysteriously, in the file of a separate criminal investigation into the bakery. The lead police investigator into Bailey’s killing, who has long been a friend of Bey’s, did not mention it in his official account of the probe. Read more

Barack Obama and Chauncey Bailey

Chauncey Bailey interviews his old Tribune buddies at the Cafe just one week before his murder.Left Chauncey Bailey, Paul Cobb, Dave Newhouse ,Tribune columnist and Lee Susman, cartoonist. Photo by Gene Hazzard.

By Dave Newhouse

A confluence of thoughts hit me Monday: Chauncey Bailey Project, the Oakland Tribune, the Pulitzer Prize, Oakland’s disturbing crime situation, Barack Obama, Paul Cobb, and the last time I saw Chauncey Bailey, one week before his killing.

The Tribune has won two Pulitzers for photographic excellence – Bill Crouch’s 1950 photo of two airplanes nearly colliding in midair, and the Tribune’s coverage of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

Now the Tribune has launched The Chauncey Bailey Project, whose leader-of-the-pack investigative reporting of Bailey’s death has graced this newspaper and is worthy of Pulitzer consideration. Read more

Zimmerman Honored for Transformation of Your Muslim Bakery

bakery.jpg(Top, left to right) Exterior view of Your Muslim Bakery before the restoration. Interior view of Vital Life Services AIDS / HIV center after restoration. (Bottom, left to right) Omar Benjamin, Executive Director, Port of Oakland, Peggy Bush, Executive Director, Vital Life Services, Kurt Zimmerman, Managing General Partner NCK LLC and Principal at RN Field Construction, Nancy Zimmerman, and Judy Briggs Marsh. Photo by Gene Hazzard.

By Post Staff

The San Francisco Business Times honored developer Kurt Zimmerman for his conversion of Your Muslim Bakery to the Vital Life Services AIDS / HIV Center.

Zimmerman did a multimillion dollar renovation and conversion of the bakery, located on Telegraph Avenue, Oakland. Read more

Dellums Wants Brown To Investigate Police

Burris sues Police for Misconduct Again

By Post Staff

ChaunceyBaileymug.jpgIn the wake of news reports uncovering failures of the Oakland Police Department to fully investigate the killing of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey, Mayor Ron Dellums is asking Attorney General Jerry Brown to conduct an independent probe of the department’s handling of the case.
“I have asked the California State Attorney General to conduct an independent investigation into the Oakland Police Department’s handling of the Chauncey Bailey murder investigation,” Dellums said in a news release Tuesday.
In addition, Dellums requested that a retired judge or expert in criminal investigations be assigned to participate in the process to “further enhance the objectivity of this investigation,” he said.
A series of news reports were published in the Oakland Tribune Saturday, Sunday and Monday, produced by a team of reporters called The Chauncey Bailey Project. In the series, the project reported that lead detective Derwin Longmire, had failed to document in his notes evidence that linked Yusuf Bey IV, leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery, to the slaying.
Jerrybrownmug.jpgThe evidence includes a tracking device that shows Bey IV stalked Bailey seven hours before the killing, According to the project, Longmire’s case notes do not document any analysis of Bey IV’s cell pone records, which were obtained with a warrant. They also show a series of calls within minutes of the killing. Read more

“A Day Late In Oakland”

ZacharyStauffer.jpg“A Day Late in Oakland”, Zachary Stauffer’s  master’s film thesis produced over the past year at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, will have it’s world premier this week at the Mill Valley Film Festival.
It’s a half-hour documentary about the 2007 murder of Oakland Post  editor Chauncey Bailey and the evolution of Your Black Muslim Bakery, the organization implicated in Bailey’s killing.
The film is paired with a few other short documentaries by Bay Area filmmakers in a program called “The Home in My Heart.”
Here are the screening times:
Friday, Oct. 3, 9:00 pm at the San Rafael Film Center in San Rafael.
Saturday, Oct. 11, 4:15 at the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley. Read more

Trial Set for Bailey’s Killing

The murder trial of Chauncey Bailey’s alleged killer, Devaughndre Broussard, may start in February, according to an Alameda County Court Superior Judge.
“There’s more work to be done” before the trail can start, Judge Morris Jacobson said last Friday during  a brief hearing. He scheduled another hearing for Dec. 12, when he hoped a specific date could be set.
Broussard, now 20 years old,  was arrested Aug. 3, 2007 and pleaded not guilty in January. He is charged with shooting Bailey three times with a sawed-off shotgun on Aug. 2, 2007, as the editor walked to his job at the Oakland Post.

HIV/AIDS Center Opens September 22

Vitallife.jpgTop left to right: Arnold Perkins, Oakland Public Safety Director, Kurt Zimmerman Principal of R.N.Field Construction, General Partner NCK LLC, David Kears, County Health Director, Peggy Bush, Executive Director, Vital Life Services and Assemblymember Sandre Swanson, Middle left to right: Brian Siebold, VP Mechanics Bank; Marcus Hibser, Pres. HY Architects; Kurt Zimmerman, John Micklos, Pres. PCI; Mike Hannigan, Pres. Give Something Back; Ralph Scott, Golden Gate Lock and Key; Jeff Lambertson, Pres. Gemini Air Systems; Roberto Uribe, Pres. R&R Home Improvement Products; Lee Vinney, Tile by Vinney, Bottom left: Nancy Zimmerman, Kurt Zimmerman, Feliciai Favroth, Next Level Real Estate the agent who sold the building, Bottom right: Father Jason Landeza and Father Jay Matthews. Photos by Gene Hazzard.

By Post Staff
Part 2

When Father Jay Matthews presented the Chauncey Bailey Vital Life Services awards to Peggy Bush and Kurt Zimmerman last Saturday for their volunteerism and leadership in converting the former Your Black Muslim Bakery into an HIV/AIDS center the 200 guests applauded and cheered the building’s amazing transformation.
He announced that the Vital Life Services Center would open September 22 to serve patients. Father Matthews, the former pastor and childhood friend to the late Chauncey Bailey said the Center was the type of program that Bailey loved to champion and support. Rev. Earl James Ward, pastor of the Star Bethel Baptist Church, which is adjacent to the Center, christened the center with prayer and well wishes from the neighborhood. He along with Father Landeza the pastor of St. Columbia Catholic Church, also a neighbor, urged the guests to support the Center with prayers, volunteers and financial donations. Read more

Vital Life Services Now Occupies Bakery Building


By Conway Jones and Post Staff
Part 1

The building that once served Oakland for 35 years as Your Black Muslim Bakery is now home to Vital Life Services a non-profit Center for those suffering from the HIV/AIDS disease.
The building will open for service to the community September 22 serving hot nourishing meals and baked bread from its new $250,000 kitchen.
Kurt Zimmerman, a founder of Vital Life Services and a building contractor, formed the NCK LLC to purchase the bakery at the trustee sale for $1,075,000. He then put more than one and a half times that amount into the renovation of the building.
The center also received donated labor, furniture and equipment from many individuals and businesses. While the Post staff toured the building last week, Mike Hannigan, the President of Give Something Back was unloading furniture and supplies while various craftsmen were completing the tile work to the exterior. Read more

Justice is Waiting for Chauncey Bailey

Bailey.jpgStanding on the spot where Chauncey Bailey was killed a year ago, some members of the Oakland Post and friends are shown among the four dozen visitors at the 10:00am morning Buddhist service led by John Le Tung. The staff are shown holding the copies of the plans for a Bailey Memorial in Vietnam. Others have copies of the Reporters Without Borders Petition calling for a federal investigation into the assassination of Bailey. Left to right, Stephen Fitch, advertising, Godfrey Lee, photographer, Paul Cobb, Publisher, Don Davis, developer who traveled to Vietnam with John Le and Bailey, John Le Tung, Jorge Portugal, El Mundo, Gay P. Cobb, Oakland PIC Director, Mitch Hardin, friend of Bailey and James “Jimmy Mack” McClendon, Director of the Original Passions, a group formerly managed by Bailey. During the day, two other observances were conducted.

Photo by Gene Hazzard.

Bailey Remembered One Year Later

baileycollage.jpgPhotos by Gene Hazzard and  Godfrey Lee.  Graphic design by Alapi Bhatt.

Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey was remembered by three separate ceremonies Saturday, August 2, at 14th and Alice Streets where he was gunned down on his way to work. During the first ceremony at 10:00am led by John Le Tung (above in the blue jacket), with a Buddhist prayer, incense with the gathering of Post staff, publishers Paul and Gay Cobb and many of the witnesses. Read more

Who Killed Bailey?

Opinion by Marvin X Jackmon

I write these words on the anniversary of the murder of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey. I am tired of the sham reporting of the Chauncey Bailey Project, a consortium of journalists and Bay Area newspapers that have made millions infecting the Bay Area and the world with misinformation and most importantly, committing the sin of omission by focusing on one of two reasons my friend and fellow writer was assassinated.
The Bailey incident reminds us of the killing of Malcolm X, a conspiracy between the Nation of Islam and the New York Police. What is even more striking in Bailey’s case is that he was not only doing a story on the Black Muslim Bakery, but was also writing an expose of black police on the OPD, similar to the “Riders” case in which white and Latino police were killing, shaking down and planting false evidence on mostly black victims.
Why has not the Chauncey Bailey Project focused on the second reason Chauncey was killed? No doubt it has been to poison the public against Muslims, as in the Malcolm X case. The media so poisoned the atmosphere that even today black intellectuals are guilty of revisionism when attempting to write Black history, often omitting or down playing the importance of Elijah Muhammad, who was our master psychologist and had a profound influence not only on Malcolm X, but Muhammad Ali, Farrakhan, Warithdin, Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, in short, the Black Arts Movement, Black Studies, Black Psychology, theology and most importantly, economics. Read more

The Post Remembers Chauncey Bailey

Cbmain.jpgOn the morning of August 2, 2007, Oakland Post Editor Chauncey W. Bailey was gunned down on his way to work in downtown Oakland. Bailey, 57, was killed at the pinnacle of his long and distinguished journalistic career and since his death he has received numerous posthumous recognitions for his courageous investigations into political and community issues.

In the last year, journalists from around the world have written extensively about the case and the issues Bailey was investigating.

In the Bay Area, several organizations created The Chauncey Bailey Project, a collaboration between journalists, editors and media dedicated to completing Bailey’s unfinished body of work. The Post News Group would like to thank the numerous journalists, media organizations and community groups that have taken up the call to continue Bailey’s work and his fight for justice. Below is a collection of articles from the Oakland Post as well as coverage from around the world. Read more

US Attorney General Asked to Investigate Bailey Case

Cbmain.jpgIn an article posted on their website on Friday August 1, Reporters Without Borders, the international press freedom organization, expressed their dissapointment that 1 year after the death of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey, more headway has not been made in the case.  The entire article can be read here.

The organization has also released a petition calling for the Attorney General of the United States to take up the case of and expedite the investigation.  Concerned citizens are asked to sing the petition, located on the Reporters Without Borders Website at www.rsf.org, or by following the link here.

Justice for Chauncey Bailey?

Questions Remain About Murderer and Motives

By Post Staff

BaileyReporters.jpgWithin just 5 hours after Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey was gunned down on August 2, 2007 in downtown Oakland, police officer Derwin Longmire met with the Post staff and informed them that the police knew Bailey was “stalked and targeted” and that his murder was connected to Your Black Muslim Bakery.
News of Bailey’s killing not only traumatized the Post and El Mundo staff, but also shocked the entire world because he was the first journalist killed in the line of duty in America in decades.
At Bailey’s funeral in St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, Post publisher Paul Cobb called on journalists to insure that Bailey’s unfinished work would be completed. Read more

Chauncey Wendell Bailey, Jr.

Editor, The Oakland Post Newspaper

Reprinted from Post Newspasper archives august 4, 2007

Chaunceyin blue suit.jpgChauncey Bailey, 57, Editor-in-Chief of all five editions of the Post Newspaper and long time reporter covering the African American and other communities was gunned down in the street by an unknown assailant at 7:30a.m. Thursday morning, August 2, 2007. Apparently on his way to work, Bailey was shot at the corner of 14th and Alice streets in downtown Oakland.
Roland Holmgren, Oakland Police spokesman said witnesses told police that a single gunman, wearing a mask, shot Bailey several times and fled. He acknowledged that police currently knew of no motive for the killing but it did not appear to be random. Holmgren further noted that investigators would be looking into all possible connections with Bailey’s work to help find the killer. Read more

OUR-TV's Stan B. Remembering Chauncey Bailey

stanb.jpgStan B. is one of the original Soul Beat Network members, and now one of the original OUR-TV staff members. He worked side by side with Chauncey Bailey on both networks for 5 years. Chauncey was the newsbeat director for SBN news, when he “hand picked” Stan as the sports director.
He remembers when he and Chauncey covered the Latrell Sprewell Conference at The New York Palace Hotel in October, 2002. “Billy Hunter, Johnny Cochran, and all the major news media were present. “Chauncey made it possible for us to cover that conference. And, because of his efforts, my name was mentioned on the Rush Limbaugh show. I was also called by CNN for an interview. Because of Chauncey many people were able to get notoriety.” Read more

Justice is Waiting

Publisher Paul Cobb says the Post and El Mundo are grateful for the indefatigable effort of the Chauncey Bailey Project to complete Bailey’s body of work.

New America Media and the Maynard Institute have convened an array of Bay Area journalists, as well as highly respected media organizations and local university journalism departments to form an investigative team to honor and continue the work of journalist Chauncey Wendell Bailey Jr., and answer questions regarding his death. Read more

Bailey Killed a Year Ago

Baileycollage.jpgBy Post Staff

Oakland  Post  Editor Chauncey W. Bailey was gunned down in downtown Oakland on the morning of August 2, 2007. Since then more than 150 have died of gunfire in this city.
Bailey, 57, was killed at the pinnacle of his long and distinguished journalistic career. He has received numerous posthumous recognitions for his courageous investigations into political and community issues.
The issues of transparency in government that he covered so thoroughly still remain.
Most of the Bay Area media joined forces, named the Chauncey Bailey Project, to complete his unfinished body of work.
On August 2 several individuals and organizations will visit the site where he was slain. Read more

Bey Said He Was Protected by Sgt. Longmire

By Thomas Peele, Bob Butler, Mary Fricker and Josh Richman
The Chauncey Bailey Project

(Editor’s Note: To read the transcript of Yusef Bey’s conversation and watch the video click here.)

Your Black Muslim Bakery Leader Yusuf Bey IV kept the gun used to kill journalist Chauncey Bailey in his closet after the attack and later bragged of playing “hella dumb” when investigators asked him about the shooting, Bey IV said in a secretly recorded police video.
He describes Bailey’s shooting in detail on the video in detail, then laughingly denies he was there, and boasts that his friendship with the case’s lead detective protected him from charges.
Bey IV has not been arrested in Bailey’s Aug. 2 death; Devaughndre Broussard, a then 19-year-old bakery handyman, has been charged with the murder. In an interview last week at the Alameda County Jail in Dublin where he is being held on unrelated kidnapping and torture charges, Bey IV, 22 denied any role in the killing.
The video and scores of other documents and police recordings obtained by the Chauncey Bailey Project raise questions about Bey IV’s possible role in a conspiracy to kill Bailey, who was working on a story about the financially troubled bakery.
Peter Keane, a veteran criminal lawyer and dean emeritus of Golden Gate University reviewed the videotape and documents for the project and said they incriminate Bey IV.
“All of those things together make it a very powerful, compelling set of facts that Yusuf Bey was involved and that Yusuf Bey should be charged, at a minimum, as an accessory to murder,” said Keane, also a former member of the San Francisco Police Commission. Read more