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Hispanic Group’s Video Attacks Black Activist

Ted Hayes

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, said that it has obtained a shocking video produced by a radical Mexican separatist group attacking a civil rights activist with racist smears and death threats.
The video was posted to the Internet on YouTube after Mr. Ted Hayes testified, by invitation of Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough, on March 15 before the Judiciary Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates against providing taxpayer dollars for in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens.
The video begins with the message “[expletive] you ‘Mayate,’” which is reportedly a racist and derogatory term used to smear African Americans and “dark skinned” people.
The video then streams a series of racist images including:  the silhouette of a man hanging from a noose, photos of Mr. Hayes adjacent to photos of monkeys and bananas and doctored photos of Mr. Hayes pictured with a gun next to his head with the message “Your (sic) FREE Now Mayate go back to Africa,” to view video, visit: www.judicialwatch.org.