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CRC’s Solutions For Abusive Bank Practices

By Tanya Dennis,
Mickey Paoletta
and Les Jamieson

In 2009 I contacted the Citizen’s Reform Center when I was facing the loss of investment properties in Arizona.  I didn’t understand how homes I had paid $325,000 for were now worth $160,000.  I wanted to understand why I was now so upside down in seven investment properties that my family would have to walk away from a 2 million dollar investment and start over.  Who was the cause of it all?  How did this happen?
Many Post readers are asking the same question.  If you are facing foreclosure or a credit card case and in need of guidance on how to legally represent yourself against the banks, Citizens Reform Center has the answers.
Citizen’s Reform Center (CRC) is a consumer-oriented grass-roots organization which has been developed to provide breakthrough research on how the average person can defend themselves against fraudulent foreclosure practices and abusive credit card debt collectors. CRC has put together thousands of hours of research so you don’t have to. This knowledge, combined with CRC’s weekly conference calls, online library, and network of supportive members will provide access to resources enabling you to do your own legal research, legal pleadings and how to function in court. All Americans have a right, even a duty, to obtain this knowledge so they can stand up against the injustices brought upon us by the banks and pro-banking judicial system.
Only the right knowledge combined with grass-roots organizing to take collective actions will expose and correct the fraud. This is CRC’s mission.
CRC has had a 95% success rate helping people with abusive credit card debt collections, has enabled dozens of people to stop foreclosure, and has enabled many to remain in their homes for several years.
Henry Ford was quoted as saying “If the American people understood the banking system, there would be riots in the streets tomorrow morning”. Thomas Jefferson stated, “Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies”.  It is apparent that we no longer have a government of, by and for the people. We have a government of, by, and for the bankers.
It’s time for the public to understand the reality behind financial policy, foreclosure fraud and predatory consumer practices.   This knowledge is vital to all Americans so we can understand how the financial system is designed to entrap us into debt slavery, while transferring trillions of dollars into the hands of the banking monopoly. It’s time to create an alternative economic model t as we had in the 60’s when life was affordable enough so that a single wage earner could afford a home, raise a family and afford college for their children. If this resonates for you, see how CRC can benefit you.
CRC was founded by Mickey Paoletta, a national expert on the fraudulent practices of the credit card companies, consumer protection laws, stopping mortgage foreclosures, and Federal Reserve policy.
CRC are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice. CRC does provide educational resources to empower anyone facing legal challenges with the banks. To learn more and join the member network, see www.citizensreformcenter.com or call (888) 588-3678.  The Post is considering sponsoring a CRC workshop.  If you are interested in attending please indicate your interest by contacting tanyaddennis@yahoo.com