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The Power of the Media and Coalitions

By Tanya

Last Thursday I came home from work to another “Writ of Possession” posted on my door.  For those readers that missed my previous article, I repossessed my home on January 18th after Wells Fargo had been awarded an unlawful detainer against me and the sheriff had evicted me and my family on December 7th. After a month of watching people trample through my home I went rogue, changed the locks and repossessed my home.
Unfortunately the Superior Court Judge would not consider my new evidence in the form of a forensic loan audit that proved Wells Fargo foreclosed upon me illegally. Unfortunately for citizens in Northern California courts, the courts fear the banks more than they fear the people.
The Sheriff’s writ of possession stated that I must vacate the premises by Thursday, February 24th.  So now, having no other alternative, I called Wells Fargo and requested a modification.  The answer was no.  Fortunately for me I had Read more