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Ellis deserves All-Star nod

Monta Ellis

Oakland, CA – Last year is behind us but the snubbing of Monta Ellis making the NBA All-Star game in Dallas,Texas is still unsettling. Ellis put up big numbers last season and was number six behind Dwayne Wade in NBA scoring. This year he moves up to number three following Amare Stoudemire who falls behind the number one spot held by Kevin Durant.

Monta has been simply amazing this season leading the Golden State Warriors to a better start behind new owners, a coach and players. The Memphis guard who was selected in the 1995 draft has finally made a name for himself after the trades of Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson who once lead the same team.

“I have no control over if I make it or if I don’t,” said Ellis. “I’ll just continue to try to lead my team to the playoffs and try to have a successful season.”

There’s no doubt Ellis should get the nod to this years NBA All-Star game held in Los Angeles on February 20. His stats speak for itself and the heroics on court puts the fans in a frenzy at every home game. Monta has improved in all aspects of his game this season especially in scoring, averaging 25.4. Read more

Raiders welcome new head coach, Hue Jackson


Oakland, CA – The Oakland Raiders and Al Davis introduced Hue Jackson as the new coach.  After one year as the Offensive Coordinator, Jackson helped the Raiders improve to a 8-8 record for the first time in almost eight years.  Compared to the likes of Jon Gruden, Jackson’s feisty ways challenges the players to become better.

“He’s made a tremendous impression on me and our organization,” owner Al Davis said.  “There are some similarities to his coaching ways as with Gruden that I like a lot.”  “Today is a big day for the Raiders, I couldn’t be more happy to introduce our new head coach.” Read more

Kings Dominate Nuggets

Sacramento, CA – You have to wonder the possibilities of the potential on this team.  The Sacramento Kings did another spectacular job in playing team ball with six players in double figures.  Not a typical night from a team that still holds the worst record in the West.  But what better way to welcome TNT to Arco Arena!

The Kings handed an embarrassing loss to the Denver Nuggets 122-102.  The swirling rumors of a Carmelo Anthony trade has taken a toll on a team that was once a fierce competitor in the West.  Now, harbored by injuries this season the Nuggets struggle to find the bond that once kept them together. Read more

Kings Dominate Nuggets

Sacramento, CA – You have to wonder the possibilities of the potential on this team.  The Sacramento Kings did another spectacular job in playing team ball with six players in double figures.  Not a typical night from a team that still holds the worst record in the West.  But what better way to welcome TNT to Arco Arena!

The Kings handed an embarrassing loss to the Denver Nuggets 122-102.  The swirling rumors of a Carmelo Anthony trade has taken a toll on a team that was once a fierce competitor in the West.  Now, harbored by injuries this season the Nuggets struggle to find the bond that once kept them together. Read more

Evans big night not enough for win

Sacramento, CA – Losing has become consistent for the Sacramento Kings.  It’s definitely not something they want to get used to as they continue to find ways to overcome it.  But when the Los Angeles Clippers came to town they handed them their twenty-third loss of the season.

It came down to Tyreke Evans at the free throw line, he was fouled with 1.9 seconds left in the game after attempting to make a three-point shot.  Evans made the first two free throws but missed the last one for the tie.  DeMarcus Cousins rebounded the ball and missed the tip-in.  Although Evans had a big night it wasn’t enough to prevent the 100-99 loss against the Clippers. Read more

Kings losing streak continues against the Bulls

Sacramento, CA – Finger pointing is definitely a sign that your headed in the wrong direction.  What seemed to be another great start slipped away in the fourth quarter by the exact same problems of the past.  Turnovers and no defense helped the Kings to their fourth straight loss.

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls ended their road trip with a win over the Kings 95-86.  The Bulls trailed by as many as 16 points before tightening up on defense to force Sacramento’s unraveling in the final period.  Six second half turnovers led to the Kings losing their lead. Read more

Gradkowski out, Raiders lose

Oakland, CA – Keeping his word cost the Oakland Raiders a quarterback and a win.  Coach Tom Cable kept his promise to Bruce Gradkowski to return as the starting quarterback once he became healthy.  That start came unexpectedly for Jason Campbell and the rest of the team.

“I’ve always said that if Bruce was 100% he would be the starter,” said Cable.  “He came to me and said he was 100% so I started him, I did not think to replace him during the game.” Read more

Tough loss for Kings, Hornets go 11-1

Sacramento, CA – Everyone is curious to know what’s the secret for a great start this season.  The New Orleans Hornets struggled pre-season losing up to seven games.  Yet, they managed to turn things around to have one of the best starts leading the western conference.

“Down the stretch we made a few adjustments but guys made plays,”  said coach Monty Williams.  “Our key every night is defense, we want to defend, rebound and run with a purpose.”  “That’s who we are every night!” Read more

Raiders beat Chiefs in OT, win three in a row

Oakland, CA – Three weeks ago the loss to the San Francisco 49ers was devastating.  Since then a new team emerged raising questions, “could this organization repeat the Gruden years”?

In the most important game of the season, the Raiders faced the Kansas City Chiefs who lead their division 5-2.  A win for Oakland earns the respect throughout the NFL in the after math of the JaMarcus Russell years. Read more

Kings fall to Grizzlies

Sacramento, CA – The good thing is it’s still early in the season to turn things around.  So, no need too panic, worry or over analyze the situation.  The best way to describe tonight’s game is “one team was ready and the other was not!”

The Sacramento Kings committed 21 turnovers as they lost to the Memphis Grizzlies 100-91.  Earning their second loss at home the Kings had no answer to stop Rudy Gay who had a game-high 32 points. Read more

Raiders Shut Down Seahawks

Oakland, CA – The Oakland Raiders are coming off a spectacular win against the Denver Broncos last weekend.  Hoping to bring the things that worked in the last game is the main goal today.  What we didn’t expect was it actually worked!

The defense dominated once again and the Raiders got their second win in a row after beating the Seattle Seahawks 26-3.  Nothing compared to the stomping of the Broncos last week yet the defense continued their success at keeping the opponent below a touchdown.  As for the offense Jason Campbell passed for two touchdowns but failed to move the ball in the red zone several times settling for a field goal instead. Read more

Heading to Texas 2-0, Giants shutout Rangers

San Francisco, CA – There’s the saying in baseball “anything can happen.”  Tonight the Giants continued to control the game with their at-bats and pitching.  The duel that many expected from Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee happened in Game 2.

No Cy Young Award listed behind either pitcher’s name but both Matt Cain and C.J. Wilson pitched a scoreless game until the fifth frame.  Cain dominated leaving the Texas Rangers puzzled once again. Read more

Rangers Stunned in Loss to Giants

San Francisco, CA – A rocky start turned into one of the best games the Giants have played thus far.  Over coming struggles in the past of getting hits is now behind them.  A slug fest began at the mercy of Cliff Lee.

Freddy Sanchez led the way in putting up the runs going 4-for-4.  But it took a team effort from everyone to stun the Texas Rangers, taking game one of the World Series 11-7. Read more

The World Series Comes Back to Bay Area

San Francisco, CA – It’s been eight years since the San Francisco Giants made their last appearance in the World Series. The wait is over, the Giants shocked the world win they beat the Philadelphia Phillies 3-2, game six of the National League Championship Series. Now, the biggest show in baseball returns to San Francisco.

The past three trips to the World Series were unsuccessful as the Giants lost to the New York Yankees in 1962, the Oakland A’s in 1989 and the Anaheim Angels in 2002. This time it’s a different ball club, this young team lacks superstars and marquee players. A strong chemistry, great pitching staff and the will to win best describes the 2010 Giants team. Read more

Giants Headed Back to Philly for Game 6

San Francisco, CA – The celebration will have to wait!  The city of San Francisco and the sold out crowd at AT&T Park had hoped for a victory tonight.  But now the Giants will have to head back to Philadelphia for game 6 of the National League Championship Series.

A tough loss to the Phillies 4-2 in game 5 was not something that they had wanted however, they’ve been in tough situations before and feel confident they’ll win it on the road. Read more

Giants 1 Win Away From World Series

San Francisco, CA-  It was probably one of the best games played in the postseason, a tied game going into the final inning.  Juan Uribe who was scratched from the starting lineup with a sore wrist entered the game bottom of the ninth.

Uribe hit a walk-off sacrifice fly to left field driving in the game-winning run.  A remarkable performance from the San Francisco Giants as they took game 4 of the National League Championship Series defeating the Philadelphia Phillies 6-5. Read more

Ross Shines Again in NLCS Win

San Francisco, CA – It’s safe to say the Cody Ross show is here at AT&T Park, get your tickets now!  Another unbelievable performance by Ross in the Giants 3-0 win over the Phillies.

Driving in a crucial run on a pitch that he wouldn’t normally swing at.  Ross continues to stay “hot” in the National League Championship Series.  He’s been baseball hottest hitters this postseason, batting .350 (7-for-20) with 4 home runs and 6 RBI’s in six games. Read more

San Francisco Giants Postseason Return

By Malaika Bobino

It’s been a long time since any team from the Bay Area has made the playoffs.  That moment came for the San Francisco Giants when they clinched the National League West title after beating the San Diego Padres in the final game of the season.
They faced the Atlanta Braves Thursday to begin the NL division series at AT&T ball park. “It’s all about pitching,” Aaron Rowand said.  “Whichever team pitches and plays defense typically comes out on top in the postseason.”

Pat Burrell’s 3-run homer not enough for Giants win

San Francisco, CA – It started off great, everything seemed to be in place for the Giants.  Matt Cain pitched OK, nothing comparable to Lincecum the night before but he definitely improved from his last start at the end of the regular season.
San Francisco got the runs they were looking for early yet it wasn’t enough to go up 2-0 in the series.  The Braves forced the game into extra innings and Rick Ankiel’s tie-breaking home run in the eleventh lifted Atlanta to a 5-4 win over San Francisco.
“It’s hard to describe or put into words,” Ankiel said.  “The biggest homer of my career by far, and to be honest with you, I wanted to go from the batter’s box to the dugout.”  “I didn’t want to run the bases, I wanted to be with the guys but what a cool way to win.” Read more

Lincecum Gives CY Young Performance

San Francisco, CA – The first batters were lucky, Omar Infante doubled on a fly ball to center field and Jason Heyward flew out to left field.  After taking a deep breath, Tim Lincecum had a talk with himself to calm down before he “unleashed the beast” through nine innings. 

“I told myself, don’t worry about it, make your pitches and everything will be fine,” Lincecum said.  “You tell yourself, you’ve done this a thousand times!”  “We’ve been in these situations, it’s another game and just treat it like that.”  Read more

Giants lose now tied for NL West

San Francisco, CA – The Giants still need one win to clinch the National League West title.  The final game of the season is tomorrow, without a win will put them on the road with various scenarios now that the Padres have pulled even with Atlanta in the NL Wild Card standings.

But their fate will wait one more day as they lost 4-2 giving San Diego hope that their playoffs race is still alive.  Barry Zito has struggled over the last ten games (9 starts) going 1-7 with 6.50 ERA.  He needs just one more victory to reach a double digit win plateau for his 10th consecutive season, that didn’t come today. Read more

Giants lose, celebration on hold

San Francisco, CA – The sweet taste of victory will have to wait one more day.  After a horrible start from Matt Cain, the Giants celebration will be on hold at least one more day before they can clinch the National League West division.

The San Diego Padres came in here tonight to take game one of the series, they defeated the Giants 6-4.  While San Francisco needs only one win to clinch, the Padres need to win two more games to reclaim the number one spot.  No one thought it would be an easy task and tonight proved it will be a battle until the end. Read more

Burrell’s 3-run homer lifts Giants, move closer to clinching title

San Francisco, CA – An odd start for CY Young winner Tim Lincecum, the second pitch he threw was the result of Stephen Drew’s solo home run to left field.  Unfortunately, that was the Diamondbacks only run of the game as they succumb to the Giants 3-1.

Playing with flu like symptoms which was later described as a chest cold, Lincecum struggled in the first frame but managed to regain his composure to reduce San Francisco’s magic number to three. Read more