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Haqq Shabazz – Bay Area Based Media Mogul Empowers the Independent Music Movement

From left to right: Mind Seed Engineer Edwin Hackett, Artist Ernesto “E-Shame” Reyes, Village Life Entertainment 5 Founder - CEO, Haqq Shabazz pose outside of Mind Seed Studios in Oakland. Photo by Carla Thomas.

By Carla Thomas
With a passion for the music industry and a drive to unify independent artists, Amir Abuhaqq Shabazz, founder and owner of Village Life Entertainment 5 LLC is taking his vision to the next level, after working with industry giants like the late Tupac Shakur and East Oakland’s Too Short.
Currently managing four main artists and signing more, as an affiliate of Mind Seed Records, “Haqq” Shabazz is turning his 20 plus years of experience into a viable platform by acquiring the state of the art Mind Seed Records studio.   With his current roster of artists Jazz JLP, Rap J-Loc and R&B Dancer-daughter, Brea Nicole Shabazz, his ability to empower new artists is already set in motion.
“I want to give back to the community and give young artists a road map to success,” he said.
While laying tracks in the studio, Shabazz is currently the executive producer of the cd “Shameless” for 28 year old family friend Ernest Reyes.  “His stage name is “E-Shame” and he’s the great nephew of the chief of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation that owns and operates Cache Creek Casino of Brooks, California,” he said proudly.
At Inner Scope Records, Shabazz worked with Tupac in the early 90’s and started his own label Ham-A-Lot Records and later Lock Records which produced compilations generating sales across the nation.
The graduate of Oakland Tech attended San Francisco State University and plans to offer top of the line multi-media, video and audio recording.  The nationally renowned owners of Mind Seed Records, Edwin and Joann Anderson, have graciously offered to support his efforts to propel the independent artist community with their company as a central factor.
“I want to show how hard work along with structure and resources can make the difference,” he added. Read more