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Black Leaders Embrace NNPA

Photos from NNPA Chicago Conference top row from left to right: Chanelle Bell (Post reporter) with Jesse Jackson (Civil rights leader) and the NNPA breakfast. Second row from top: Post representatives Chanelle Bell and Brenda Hudson (Post Controller) with Cloves Campbell (New NNPA chairman) and Bakewell, Reverend Al Sharpton (Civil rights leader) and Danny Bakewell (Previous NNPA chairman). Third row from the top: group picture with Jesse Jackson, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson (Author and professor), Charles J. Ogletree Jr., Dr. Cornel West (Civil rights activist), Dr. Kerenga (Author and founder of Kwanzaa), Danny Bakewell, Marcia Dyson, Charles J. Ogletree Jr. (Author and Harvard Law professor) and Chidi Harris (NNPA scholarship recipient). Bottom row: Sisters Valarie, Jennifer, and Jovita Muhammad (Women of Islam who helped run the event), Cheryl Pearson-McNeil (Nielsen representative) and Post representatives Chanelle Bell and Brenda Hudson with Jesse Jackson, Dr. Cornel West, and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

By Chanelle Bell

The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) is a 71-year-old organization, which is dedicated to the American Black press. Created in 1940 by John H. Sengstacke, the then National Negro Publishers Association, was founded to unify and strengthen the Black press. The organization is now composed of more than 200 publishers and has a readership of 15 million. The NNPA is a recognized powerhouse within the Black community. This year’s summer convention, hosted in June at Chicago’s Drake Hotel, was filled with dynamic African American leaders such as Xernoma Clayton, Martin King III, Rev. Marcia Dyson, Dr. Cornel West, Jesse Jackson, Ron Karenga, Charles Ogletree, Jr., C. Eric Dyson,Rev. Al Sharpton and many others.
As a testament to the power of the Black press, never has so many of the nation’s black leaders, activists,  pioneers and motivators gathered in the same place at the same time to speak to Blacks and the nation with one voice.
Rev. Al Sharpton gave an enticing speech in which he said, “Black papers should be about Black advocacy. We as a people need to respect each other so we can go in together, come out together and win together because we are killing our people with our egotism”.  His words at the luncheon forced everyone to stop eating and evaluate if they were hungry for the greater good of the black community or instead ravenous for attention and glory. It was an iconic event to see such extraordinary leaders all sit down together and debate topics such as Obama, the economy and education among the Black youth. At a panel composed of many distinguished Black advertisers Robert A. Brown gave a shout out to The Post saying, “If you want to get information about Oakland and the Bay Area there is no better place than The Post”. As a young Black writer, I could not even explain the impact the conference had on me. Shaking the hands of people who work tirelessly on behalf of the black community was eye opening and I was truly humbled. Read more

Pastor Keys Locked Out

Pastor Sidney Keys and his 79 year old mother Mary Keys stood in front of their foreclosed Bibleway Apostolic Church, locked out, with no keys to enter their own house of worship. They are praying for help, both spiritual and political, to stay the Torrey Pines Bank from auctioning off all of their church’s property and belongings Monday May 23
The post learned that the Bank had rejected the keys last-ditch offer to purchase the Church, with help from investors, which included the Post news Group.
The bank loaned money to the church to rebuild and expand the facility.
The Builders Control and loan packagers’ hard money terms expanded their original loan amount beyond their ability to pay. Their half million dollar loan ballooned to more than $800,000 with none of the money being spent by the Keys.
With the help of mayor Gayle McLaughlin, Congressman George Miller, Supervisor John Gioia and the Police Chief vouching for the Keys and their natal services to the iron Triangle area resident federal and state officials are now investigating possible bank involvement with document forgery and other charges.
Rev. Jesse Jackson and Operation PUSH are calling for the Federal Government and the State Attorney General to halt the auction until the criminal investigation is complete. Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton are also asking the Bank to not auction off the church property on the sidewalk Monday.
“Our offer has been rejected. And we are broken hearted,” said Pastor and mother keys. Read more